Jimjam is the illegitimate son son son! of Tom from Happy Wheels. He was born several years before the first cast on Testing_account, although his exact date (????-2012) of birth is unknown. TOM has a much bigger penis( 12 ft") then Jimjam unfortunately, which is why you find TOM abusing the poor boy in various places. BUNGY CHORD arms for an example poop. And also Hatred has a HUGE DICK(size of a fish's dick)...this has nothing to do with Jimjim

Jimjam(left) and his father Tom(right)

but, he thought you should all know this.

The MotherEdit

Although Tom has been proven the father of Jimjam, through scientific process (See Also: Bribing Scientists), Jimjam's biological mother has been found.
Scientists have found the mothers to be:
  • Minoko
  • The large woman from Happy Wheels
  • Teh_ferret
  • Tom's gender altered clone
  • Jimjam's mother
  • Josh
  • Hatred
  • Tom
  • dickfish
  • Jimjam
  • Bushfries' hemorrhaging anus
  • A Giant Dick
  • Slenderman
  • The dangerously handsome homeless man down the street
  • irresponsile mom


  • Tom has reportedly killed and resurrected Jimjam on serveral occasions. While no proof has yet come forward, child services is currently looking into the issue.
  • Jimjam is said to have webbed feet.
  • Jimjam is rumored to have a phobia of canadians.
  • Jimjam is prego
  • Jimjam can fly

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