#1: Don't post links to porn. Unless its about cats....Tom likes cats.Edit

#2: If the general voice of the chat wants you get Timed Out for Spam, it may be so.Edit

Unofficial Tips And/Or SuggestionsEdit

  • Don't be an annoying bitch.
  • You may post links without asking permission, as long as it doesn't go against the first rule.
  • Do not spam.
  • Keep Caps to a minimum, please.
  • No, Tom does not want to play Call Of Duty or any other online game with you. Deal with it. But you can play Left for dead 2 on the PC with him on beaus stream.
  • You may not rape people in the chat, unless you're a troll.
  • No green people allowed, which kills the exception of the above rule.
  • Only the regulars may make love with Tom.

P.S. Tom never bans, so be annoying as possible.