ThreeDog's head

ThreeDogs head, in a bucket, in all it's low-res glory

"Oh my God! Slam dunk! Slam Dunk! YEAAAAAA, I'M FUCKING GREATTT" -Tom

The ThreeDog Head Slamdunk was arguably one of the greatest moment in gaming history. While 4PlayerPodcast might have Scooter Brothers and "Holy Crap, Thats a Bear", Tom has the ThreeDog Head Slamdunk.

On June 24, Tom went on an endeavor to find and kill ThreeDog, the narrator of Fallout 3's Galaxy News Radio. It was around 12:00 in the morning when Tom approached the GNR Building Plaza. He approached the building, went inside. Working his way past the low rank soldiers of the BrotherHood of Steel, he managed to get inside ThreeDog's office. While ThreeDog may have had thoughts about satellite dishes and radios, Tom had a much eviler notion. Without saying a word to him, Tom let the bullets fly towards the one head of the ThreeDog. Hilarity ensues