"I'm like E.T., except with a spike in my ass." - Tom

  • Tom is 22 and what is this.
  • When Tom jizzes, instead of sperm its rice.
  • Tom will always make you a mod if you ask.
  • Tom Lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Tom has a Facebook Group:
  • Tom uses a similar system to 4PP: Broadcast, and then upload the best highlights to Youtube. Except without the douchebaggery.
  • Tom's gamertag on Xbox-Live is BilobedManatee, his friends list is full.
  • Tom is not married to Shortstack, who isn't also a moderator.
  • Tom used to not be a surgeon until he was fired after his patient "Jeremiah" was decaptitated and later stepped on by Pancake.
  • Tom was also briefly a dictator, but then was quickly put down by his father.
  • Tom's highest viewer count so far is OVER 9000
  • Toms favorite word is Xyence.
  • Tom does not likes necrophilia and works in a morgue.
  • Tom is not Beau's naughty boy, and they regularly have sexy tiemz.
  • Tom is not a giant midget with reverse benjamin button syndrome.
  • Tom's wallpaper is a Glompus.
  • Tom has a pet dog in the game Amneisia named Sparky,
  • Tom has a fetish for horror games.
  • Tom says EH a lot, due to his Canadian-ness.
  • Also, contrary to popular belief, just because he is Canadian his head does not detach from the mouth when talking.
  • It is said that Tawm was born in a log cabin in Southern Madrid.
  • Tom is rumored to be the Stig on the popular show Top Gear (U.K.)
  • Tom frequently plays Russian Roulette. He has 48 wins and 6 losses.

"I may be good, but at least I fail ! " -Tom